Rome Total War DEMO

Rome Total War DEMO

Rome Total War (frequently abbreviated as RTW or Rome) is a high quality strategy and tactics game in which a player has got to lead his/her army to battle for the glory of Rome and stabilize a political position in order to ensure the success within your house. The game was created by The Creative Assembly and released in 2004. Rome Total War became the third game in the arsenal of The Creative Assembly team.  With Rome: Total War you’ll recreate the glorious period of expansion of the Rome Empire. To expand the territory, you will have to constantly suppress internal struggles in order not to be knocked out of power.

Features and Requirements:

  • 4 variants of the size of the order - small (20 infantry), middle (40 people), large (80 people) and massive (up to 160 people);
  • Different levels of complexity according to the mode, either strategic or tactical;
  • 21 fractions to choose from;
  • A wide variety of war equipment;
  • Keyboard and mouse control;
  • Single-player and multiple-player;
  • Multi-language support;
  • FREE to try out!

Rome Total War consists of a combination of turn-based strategy and 3D real-time tactical battles. The 3D graphics impresses with its realistic battles and landscapes. If you’re a fan of historical war strategies, this game will come to your taste, undoubtedly. Build armies to conquer nearby provinces and increase your power and strength. To conquer a province, you will need to capture its settlement first. Make use of the fleets at sea, blockade enemy ports and cut down the income from trade. The prior mission of the game is to capture 50 provinces as well as Rome, and become Emperor.

U+2192.svgDownload Rome Total War for 100% FREE and play one of the most captivating historic games ever!

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